La Petite Patisserie

Training Academy

Our Training Academy is situated in the breathtaking surrounds of Cape Town, offering a range of exciting cake decorating and patisserie courses catering for beginner to advanced delegates of any age, gender and culture!

Patisserie students
While attending our courses, students are immersed in an exciting learning experience, learning a multitude of decorating skills. Some of these skills are often only covered very briefly with more formal qualifications, but we offer hands on, practical, in depth training on the latest decorating themes and techniques.

Our courses are suitable for everyone, from a house wife, to hospitality students looking to gain additional practical experience and techniques, to the enthusiastic hobbyist that would like to learn some exciting new cake decorating techniques.

With no more than 8 delegates per session, you will be given personalized attention during the course, with an in depth level of guidance that is not possible with larger, more crowded classes. We believe that, in order to achieve the best outcomes, our students need to be mentored with the highest possible degree of individual attention, guidance and support.

Our classes normally consist of a theoretical session, where we lecture on prerequisites that will be needed to successfully complete the course. This session is followed, by a practical session where we will guide and teach you to produce amazing end results, which in the end, you can take home to impress your loved ones.

Food Consulting

We often provide consultation to small businesses in the cake, baking and restaurant industry, assisting with core aspects of these culinary establishments to improve overall service quality and health and safety standards.

Food consulting to bakeries

In order for a business to function efficiently, various standards and practices need to be put in place in order to improve the quality of services rendered to customers. Some standards aim to increase health and safety to both customers and staff members, thus reducing various potential business risks. Some of these standards are required by legislation, but despite this, serves to improve the end product delivered to the consumer.

We offer consulting services to aid small businesses with various aspects to improve the quality of service delivery, overall efficiency and to increase customer satisfaction. We also provide training in menu planning and layout, small business management, which includes aspects like food costing, recipe development and calculations, business registration, tax basics and to name but a few points.

Feel free to contact us, to find out how we can provide staff training to improve operations in your establishment, to get customers coming back for more, over and over again!

Food Photography

Marketing your products is essential to its success and survival, and with various formats of media available to showcase your products, we offer food photography services to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Food photography

Making a product look good on a website, brochure, magazine or any kind of portfolio or catalog, doesn’t simply come down to picking up a camera, and getting trigger happy. Taking professional photographs, post processing and production can be an intricate, time consuming process, if a particular effect or styling is required.

Our Food Photography and Styling service strives to take professional quality photo’s of your products, to ensure that they look the part, and capture the attention it deserves from its audience. Putting an uncompromising image of your product in the public domain is key in ensuring it’s success, and competing with other brands.

Feel free to contact us for more details on this service, and visit our gallery for a range of photos taken that portrays both artwork from our latest students, and photo’s taken by La Petite Patisserie.